Posted: Apr 30 2013

This weekend we had the pleasure of Collaborating with Emily, better known as Stilettobeats. With Summer around the corner, we decided to give you guys exactly what you want. Before we release the Item this June, here are a few exclusive images from the shoot. 

Stilettobeats is an instagram Queen and as well as a Fashion Blogger. If you're a Fashionista and you've stumbled upon our blog then do your selves a favor and stop by her blog for some Bunny lovin and Stiletto Dreamin.


To see the NAUGHTY version of this photo click Here

Real Head Hanchos don't go anywhere without their personal Hairstylist. Thanks  Sylva for coming through and keeping our Bugs Bunny Fresh on a Gloomy weather.

Before we chose our model, the idea was to go for a Miami Vice themed shirt for Summer. But anyone who's in a creative fields knows an idea usually evolves into another, in the process of creating. 

Speaking of Head Hanchos...

Looking at this photo I can firmly say that StilettoBeatss' Dopelganger is Lana Del Rey 

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