Marillest first cut and sew collection

Posted: May 29 2013

About a month ago we got a call from  Venue trade show to show case with them. "Venue is an independent trade show catered strictly for independent street wear and lifestyle brands". Prior to getting this call from them we had submitted Marillest to attend, but due their capacity we had been turned down (womp womp womp). Luckily one of the brands had a change of heart and we were next in line to showcase. 

For anyone who has been following Marillest for the past few years knows this is our first trade show. Every step we take as a brand we take the brand to the next level.  With that said, we have always wanted to be a cut and sew company, but  have not gotten around to it due to the details and extensive amount of work that goes into being a cut and sew brand. Venue gave us an aggressive push to show case the first Marillest cut and sew collection. 

We are putting our hearts and minds into this Winter/Fall collection with hopes of buyers catching our flow ! Stay tuned as the Marillest Team slowly and surely puts a new name and taste to Streetwear fashion!!

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