Execute a successful first few dates

Posted: Mar 28 2015

We promised ourselves we wouldn’t get to technical with this specific article, since we have lost all hope in mankind. There are plenty of great men out there but we have had our greater share of not so great ones.

First and foremost, what has happened to being a gentleman? We miss the good old days when men were romantic. When they thought out dates instead of winging them once you meet up. We need mankind back, women all around the world have lost hope.

We are here to help you. Here are some tips on romantic first dates.

Date Tip #1. The Classic Dinner
It’s honestly outrageous that this has made our list. We can’t express how important a classy dinner means to a girl. It makes us feel like we are important and appreciated. It also gives us a reason to throw on a nice dress, heels and our deep red lipstick. Overall, it sets an amazing mood for the rest of the night.

WHAT NOT TO DO: Please do not be cheap about the dinner. This is the biggest problem we face this day in age, a man who is holding onto his pennies. If this is the type of man you choose to be then life will limit you. The biggest turn off for a woman is a guy who is willing to let her pay or split the dinner. As women grow older, we value these kind of qualities in a man. A financially established man shows us stability and longevity. Manage your money and spend it on important things in life. If the girl you’re seeing is worth your time, then treat her like she is. Drop the cheapskate attitude at the door and start making moves with your life. You don’t want to be titled “Cheap” because girls talk to each other when we sit around a table on wine night. Jokes do get passed around and the last thing you want is to be the main topic. This simple formula should be used on a girl that will truly appreciate your manners and efforts. If the girl is stuck up and still expects a 100% then give her the boot.

Date Tip #2: Picnic
Depending on your geographical area, do some research and find a secluded lake or park to take her too. You can find really convenient and inexpensive picnic baskets on ………. that you can keep for any other adventurous day out. This is also great for beach dates in the summer time. Spend under $40 on sandwiches and wine that you can pack neatly into the basket. Also, don’t tell her about it ahead of time. Women like surprises and this is a great way of letting her know your not the average type of guy. She will truly appreciate the effort and creativity.

WHAT NOT TO DO: Do not make this your escape goat from having to keep creative throughout your relationship. Too many “Picnic” dates can turn annoying. Most girls do not enjoy the outdoors and bug bites. So you do not want to annoy her but instead use this date tip time to time to keep things adventurous.

Date Tip #3: Museum, Aquarium or Theme Park Day
Almost every where around the world you can find a museum, aquarium or theme park to take your date to. This is a great way to spend a whole day getting to know her. You have plenty of time waiting in lines to cover random topics that will open your eyes to what type of girl she is. This is definitely one of the funnest dates to go on. Trust us, use this tip.

WHAT NOT TO DO: This might be a date you want to tell ahead of time. A day event usually means walking around for hours. It would be nice to have her aware of this kind of activity so she can dress the part. Comfy and casual so she can enjoy the date without any distractions from getting to know you.

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